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Protect yourself while traveling

Summer travel is lots of fun and the last thing you want to happen is theft or identity theft. Here are ways you can help protect yourself:
  • Take one or two credit cards. Use only one during travel, so if there’s a problem you only have to deal with one company to resolve fraud issues.
  • Travel with the least amount of personal information as possible. If you are not traveling abroad, don’t bring your passport. Keep your social security card at home.
  • Separately, carry photocopies or electronic backups of your passport and other identifications as well as credit cards.
  • Don’t keep all your cash in your wallet. If it’s stolen, you will still have some cash on hand.
  • Electronic hotel keys can contain personal information, including credit cards. So protect it during your stay and return to the front desk.
  • Don’t carry your wallet or valuables on your backside – it’s fodder for pickpockets.
  • Don’t throw your boarding passes in the wastebasket – shred them when you get home.
  • Be wary of public wi-fi networks, whether in the hotel, at the airport, or a restaurant. Always avoid working with sensitive data when you’re using unsecured, public wi-fi. Control what’s accessible on your computer by turning off file sharing, enabling your system’s built-in firewalls, and keep internet-connected apps and services to a minimum. When you’re finished working online, turn wi-fi off on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Keep Your Antivirus and Antimalware up to date.
  • When you get home, check credit card statements carefully.


What’s a PUP?

“PUP” stands for Personal Umbrella Policy, which provides an extra layer of very affordable liability protection for your personal assets and future earnings.
ACCIDENTS HAPPEN. That’s why people have insurance. However, if you aren’t protected by a personal umbrella policy, you could be putting your house or your financial assets at risk.

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Flood Insurance

Just an inch of water can cause significant property damage. Insurance coverage is considerably less expensive than federal disaster loans and it’s 100 percent backed by the U.S. government
Be Smart, Be Prepared with Flood Insurance Talk to PIKE Insurance today about whether you should purchase this important coverage to protect…

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Renee Pike’s 10 Ways to Lower Home Insurance Costs

Deductibles are the amount of money you have to pay toward a loss before your policy coverage begins. Deductibles on homeowners policies typically start at $500. By increasing your deductible to $1,000, you could save up to 24 percent; $2,500, up to 30 percent; and $5,000, up to 37 percent, depending, of course, on your insurance company.

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The Top 10 Reasons to Purchase the Rental Car Coverage

To paraphrase Shakespeare, “To purchase the CDW or not to purchase the CDW, that is the question.” It has been debated for years whether or not a person renting a vehicle should purchase the Collision (or Loss) Damage Waiver from the rental company. Our recommendation is that consumers, in general, SHOULD purchase …

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