Setting the record straight


Setting the record straight 
Q. Should I insure my home based on its real estate value? 
A. According to one survey, more than 50% of those responding use their home’s real estate value to determine the amount of coverage. A more accurate approach is to insure it for what it would cost to repair or replace your home. If you live in a “hot” residential real estate market where home prices are climbing, you should consider reviewing the coverage amount each year at renewal time.
Q. Is it true that red cars cost more to insure?

A. No, it isn’t true, even though it’s a popular myth. So, feel free to test drive that little red convertible.

Q. Can out-of-state speeding tickets follow me home?

A. They not only can follow you home, but you can count on it. On top of that, they can have an unwelcome impact on your auto insurance rates.

Q. I have a small car. Am I right in thinking that it costs less to insure?

A. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that’s not true. It’s just another popular myth. In fact, the rates may be higher, since small cars are often owned by younger, inexperienced drivers who have more claims. Medical claims can be higher, too, since small cars lack the weight and protection of larger vehicles.