Avoid Heartache

Avoid heartache – insure the engagement ring

If you watched the Red Sox – Yankee game at the end of September, you saw the anxiety of a young Yankee fan losing the engagement ring as he proposed to his girlfriend. Fortunately, the heart-pounding event ended happily when the ring was found in the cuff of his girlfriend’s pants, but it demonstrates the importance of protecting your investment.
While homeowners policies come with some personal property coverage for items such as furniture, clothing, electronics, jewelry, and other valuables, most have very limited coverage for theft of jewelry and no coverage for lost items.
Expensive, special items, like engagement rings, art and electronics, are best covered with an endorsement or rider, which covers individual items that are listed, described and valued. You’ll need the store receipt and appraisal, and it’s a good idea to have photos or a video. There’s an additional cost, but the coverage is the best way to protect your valuable and sentimental pieces.

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