All WATER DAMAGE is NOT the same

Even though all water damage may look the same, insurance companies look at it differently. From a coverage perspective, such damage is either gradual or sudden.

Homeowners insurance covers sudden damage. For example, damage caused when a pipe under the sink bursts, damaging the hardwood flooring or damage resulting from rain when a tree branch fell and made a hole in the roof.

However, there’s one exception to sudden water damage coverage and that’s flooding caused by storms, hurricanes, melting snow, poor drainage, and ice dams which requires a separate policy. Coverage is available even when you live outside of a designated flood zone. Many of the losses caused by Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area occurred in low risk flood zones.

Gradual water damage, however, may be a different story. A slow water leak under the sink may go undetected for a long time so that it’s determined to be gradual, and, therefore, not covered. It could be the same with a leaking washing machine water supply hose. When it’s finally discovered, there is damage to the floor and a wall.

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