Dog Walker Insurance in Massachusetts

Pike Insurance is providing insurance options for dog walker insurance to residents in Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

Dog Walker Insurance Massachusetts

Dog Walker Insurance in Massachusetts

Dog Walker Insurance Massachusetts

What is dog walker insurance?

Many people in Massachusetts are now walking dogs, earning a part-time or full-time income. This can be especially lucrative in Boston, and is also a viable gig in areas like Amherst, Worcester and others. It also comes with certain risks, however. Dog walker insurance can help protect against many of the risks that these dog walkers are exposed to.

Dog walker insurance offers specialized commercial coverage for professional dog walkers. These policies bundle multiple coverages together, so they can protect against a variety of risks.

Who in Massachusetts needs dog walking insurance?

Most people in Massachusetts who offer dog walking for a fee should consider obtaining dog walking insurance. Charging is generally the determining factor as to whether this insurance is needed. Some examples of professional dog walkers and dog walking businesses that likely need this type of insurance include:

  • Anyone who walks dogs as their primary job (either full-time or part-time)
  • Anyone who walks dogs as a part-time side gig
  • Pet sitters who typically walk the dogs they’re caring for
  • Boarders who offer dog-walking services
  • Businesses that employ multiple dog walkers

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Do people need dog walking insurance when walking friends and relatives’ dogs?

People who walk dogs for friends, neighbors or relatives as a favor typically don’t need insurance. Walking dogs to help may involve certain minimal risks, but any associated risks are usually covered by the personal liability provisions of homeowners or renters insurance so long as payment isn’t exchanged;

Dog walking insurance becomes essential when payment is involved for the services. Charging a friend, neighbor or relative can change the service into a commercial activity, thereby nullifying any protection from homeowners or renters insurance. When services are charged for, commercial insurance is often necessary.

If there’s any uncertainty about whether this insurance is needed, an insurance agent specializing in dog walking policies can help determine if a policy should be purchased.

What protections can dog walkers obtain through dog walking policies?

Dog walking policies typically provide a range of coverages. While the precise protections offered by any specific policy depend on that policy’s terms, options frequently include the following:

  • General Liability Coverage: May cover common accidents that could happen to almost anyone or any business.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: May cover a car or other vehicle driven to/from clients’ houses.
  • Lost Key Coverage: May cover the cost of rekeying a house and/or replacing keys if the given key is lost.
  • Animal Bailee Coverage: May cover any injury, death or loss occurring to a dog that’s being walked.
  • Errors and Omissions Coverage: May cover incorrect advice given by dog walkers to their clients (E&O coverage).
Dog Walker Insurance Massachusetts

Do dog walkers need a commercial auto insurance policy?

Personal auto insurance policies typically don’t cover work driving within their standard protections. Since driving to and from clients’ locations can be considered work-related driving, dog walkers may need to supplement their personal auto insurance with additional coverage.

Many, dog walkers can likely add an endorsement to their personal auto policy that extends coverage when driving to clients’ locations. Personal auto policies often have add-on endorsements that allow the policy to cover a non-commercial vehicle when driven for work.

Dog walkers with commercially registered vehicles in their business name are more likely to require a full commercial auto insurance policy. Personal policies usually don’t cover vehicles with commercial registrations.

How can dog walkers in Massachusetts obtain dog walker insurance?

If you need assistance finding dog walker insurance in Massachusetts, contact the insurance agents at Pike Insurance. Our independent agents have extensive knowledge of the coverage needs of dog walkers, and will ensure the policy you select provides the right protections for your work.