Pike Insurance was established in 1961 and has been committed to its customers ever since. For over 50 years, Bob and his staff have provided competitive rates for their clients with unprecedented customer service.

Through the years, our foundation has been built on trust and respect, taking your risk into our hands so you can focus on the rest of life's tasks. Now onto the third generation of the Pike family name, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with all your insurance needs.


10 EASY Ways to get your Home Winter-Ready

Reverse the direction of ceiling fans. It’s counterclockwise for summer cooling and clockwise in winter to drive warm air down. Check downspouts. When cleaning leaves and debris from gutters check the downspouts to keep from clogging and freezing. Add extensions to the downspouts to take water 3 to 4 feet away from the house. Inspect your roof for…
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Protection for vacant homes, buildings, and land

Since there have been so many changes in property occupancy this year, it’s helpful to know about one specialized insurance coverage. It protects vacant and partially vacant buildings, vacant leased space, and vacant condominium units. It applies to both residential and commercial properties, as well as those undergoing renovation. The coverage is flexible. There are…
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This Month’s Business Spotlight

Birch Street Bistro is located at 14 Birch Street in Roslindale Center. With a beautiful inside décor and a wonderful outdoor patio area, the atmosphere is both warm and inviting. The executive chef at the Bistro has over 15 years of experience in gourmet excellence and his goal is to make his customers happy. I…
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Homeowner’s Insurance and Coronavirus

While the coronavirus does not have a direct impact on your homeowner’s insurance, the changing circumstances of your life may mean that you should review your personal property and liability coverage. If you are now working from home, you are likely to use more business equipment and electronics. A standard homeowner’s policy has low limits…
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Boat Insurance: Protecting Passengers

You buy boat insurance to protect yourself from the cost of unexpected damages that are beyond your control, and, depending on your policy, liability while you are on the water, which can include some coverage for passengers. When purchasing insurance, you should tell your agent the maximum occupancy requirements of your boat and ask if the…
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Don’t Get Caught Short

Data provided by Edmunds (an online resource for automotive information) reveals that the average new vehicle loses 30% of its value  in the first year, and will only be worth about half its value  by year three. Because regular automobile insurance will only pay the vehicle’s current cash value, not the current loan balance, vehicle…
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