House Cleaning Insurance in Massachusetts

Pike Insurance is providing insurance options for house cleaning insurance to residents in Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

House Cleaning Insurance Massachusetts

House Cleaning Insurance in Massachusetts

House Cleaning Insurance Massachusetts

What is house cleaning insurance?

Cleaning homes can pay good money, but the work isn’t without risks. Failing to protect against risks could result in costs far exceeding anything that homeowners pay. House cleaning insurance may help cleaning professionals in Massachusetts shield themselves against a variety of risks.

House cleaning insurance offers tailored protections for residential home cleaners. Policies may come with a variety of coverages that can protect against both liability and property risks.

Who in Massachusetts needs to have home cleaning insurance?

Most people who provide residential cleaning services in Massachusetts should consider home cleaning insurance. This broadly includes both self-employed individuals and businesses that clean homes.

While some cleaners might forgo insurance in order to save on premiums, doing so can be costly if something happens. Insurance can provide affordable protection that costs much less than what a claim could be. 

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What coverages can home cleaning insurance policies come with?

House cleaning policies can provide a range of coverages that help protect against the risks residential cleaners face. Some of the most common protections are:

  • General Liability Coverage: Usually for basic accidents that result in damage to a client’s home, or injury to the client (not auto accidents).
  • Professional Liability Coverage: Usually for errors or mistakes that result in significant damage to a client’s home or belongings.
  • Commercial Auto Coverage: Usually for commercial vehicles that a residential cleaner’s business owns, and sometimes for personal vehicles cleaners use.
  • Commercial Umbrella Coverage: Usually for large lawsuits that exceed the limits of an underlying liability coverage.
  • Commercial Property Coverage: Usually for cleaning equipment and supplies when they’re kept at a cleaner’s business location.
  • Inland Marine Coverage: Usually for cleaning supplies and equipment when they’re being taken to/from clients’ addresses.

Cleaners who have a building for their business may also need commercial building coverage. Most residential cleaners that keep supplies in their house or garage don’t need this coverage, though.

Do residential cleaners need commercial auto insurance?

Whether residential cleaners need to include commercial auto coverage within their insurance policy mostly depends on what type of vehicle they use. 

Cleaners who drive their personal vehicle when going to clients’ homes likely can get adequate coverage through their personal auto insurance policy. Many auto policies will cover basic work-related driving like this, either as a standard or optional feature.

Cleaners who use a commercially registered business vehicle likely need commercial auto coverage, as personal policies generally don’t cover commercial vehicles. Commercial coverage might also be needed if a personal policy doesn’t cover any work driving, but this is fairly uncommon.

House Cleaning Insurance Massachusetts

Do residential cleaners need insurance when cleaning friends’ homes?

Cleaning the homes of friends or family members might call for a house cleaning policy. Whether a policy should be purchased often depends on whether the friend or family member pays.

When a house is cleaned as a favor, and not paid for, the liability insurance from a homeowners or renters insurance usually applies. This normally isn’t considered a business transaction, so a personal policy can typically cover the situation.

When a friend or family pays for the cleaning, the cleaning is often then considered a business transaction. Some form of commercial coverage is normally recommended in these situations. 

That commercial coverage might come from an endorsement that’s added onto a homeowners policy, or it might require a separate house cleaners policy. An insurance agent who knows house cleaning policies well can help determine how best to procure coverage for the compensated cleaning.

How much do house cleaners pay for insurance?

The insurance premiums that house cleaners pay vary, but many insurance companies offer affordable policies. An independent agent can help compare custom quotes from several insurance companies, comparing both coverages and rates.

Where can residential cleaners in Massachusetts find house cleaning insurance?

If you clean homes in Massachusetts and aren’t insured, contact the independent insurance agents at PIKE Insurance. We can help you find affordable house cleaning insurance that’ll provide solid protection.