Land Insurance in Massachusetts

Pike Insurance is providing insurance options for land insurance to residents in Massachusetts & New Hampshire.

Land Insurance Massachusetts

Land Insurance in Massachusetts

Land Insurance Massachusetts

What is land insurance?

Undeveloped land might not need any property coverages for buildings, but liability coverage is often still very much recommended. People can be injured on undeveloped land just as they can in buildings. Land insurance may help Massachusetts landowners shield themselves from injury-related lawsuits.

Land insurance may give property owners liability protection against a range of accidents that could occur on their undeveloped land. Legal fees and settlements may be paid for covered claims.

What Massachusetts properties does vacant land insurance make sense for?

Vacant land insurance is broadly recommended for most undeveloped properties in Massachusetts. This is often an affordable liability coverage for properties without buildings. An accident can result in devastating costs if no protection is in place.

In particular, landowners whose properties have cliffs, waterfrontage, or otherwise potentially hazardous terrain ought to consider getting a policy. Coverage isn’t just for these policies, however. An accident can occur on almost any undeveloped property.

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What sorts of properties is vacant land insurance available for?

Vacant land policies can be had for almost any type of undeveloped land. For example, landowners might get a policy to insure:

  • Property with private hunting or fishing access
  • Recreational property frequently used for camping
  • Future home site that’s been purchased
  • Investment property

Most other types of undeveloped properties can also be insured with these properties.

What kinds of incidents do vacant land policies cover?

The primary function of vacant land policies is to offer liability protection. This can include protection for injuries or fatalities on the property from various accidents. Depending on a policy’s terms, accidents such as the following could be covered:

  • Basic slips, trips, and falls resulting in injury
  • Falls from trees, bluffs, or cliffs
  • Drownings if the property has access to a body of water
  • Children’s injuries sustained while playing
  • Other accidents attributed to negligence

Are attractive nuisances covered by vacant land policies?

Attractive nuisances may be many different features that are enticing to children. They’re features where children may be tempted to play unsupervised, and could be at an increased risk of injury while playing. An old shack, waterfront cliff, or former mine or quarry are some examples of what may constitute an attractive nuisance.

Many vacant land policies can be set up so that an attractive nuisance is covered. This can require disclosing the feature, however, and any chosen policy’s terms should be carefully reviewed to confirm that the necessary protections are in place.

An insurance agent who specializes in vacant land insurance will be able to help find coverage for a particular attractive nuisance.

Land Insurance Massachusetts

Can vacant land policies cover small buildings?

Most vacant land policies don’t cover even small structures that might be on a property. A shed, old shack, or dock is unlikely to be protected against damage. 

Coverage for such structures might be available through another insurance policy, or property owners may choose to forgo coverage for small structures that have little monetary value. 

Can vacant land policies cover hunting and fishing?

Some vacant land policies include coverage for hunting and fishing as a standard feature. Other policies may not cover these sports, or may have protection as an optional feature. The same can be true for riding ATVs and some other high-risk activities.

Landowners who use their properties for hunting or fishing should work with a specialized agent. An insurance agent who understands vacant land insurance will be able to check which policies provide coverage for specific high-risk activities.

Do posted signs protect property owners from liability lawsuits?

Posting signs might provide aid in a legal defense against some lawsuits, but this isn’t a substitute for insurance. An insurance policy may help pay legal fees if sued, and add protections beyond what posted signs afford. Both are often important to have.

How can those with undeveloped land in Massachusetts get land insurance?

If you need help insuring undeveloped land that’s located somewhere in Massachusetts, get in touch with the independent insurance agents of PIKE Insurance. Our agents will work closely with you to identify liability coverage needs, and then help you find the best land insurance policy for your property.